What were you doing when you were 23 years old? Or 24?

It seems that all of a sudden, I’m surrounded by people that fall within these age bracket. I’ve been interviewing candidates for some roles and just generally engaging with more young people. Here’s what I think.

They are definitely entitled. They have big dreams.They want to work hard, heck they think that they work hard. They tend to overestimate the actual work that is required to get stuff done and they underestimate the power of their minds. Now put all these together what image do you see?

There also seems to be an insane amount of pressure to make it quickly. I say ‘seems’ but what I really mean to say is- they feel the pressure, they see the pressure everywhere, but I don’t feel or see this particular pressure making me believe this is a pressure that is self made, self imposed and spreading (has already spread) as a result of contagion-The spread of a behavior pattern, attitude, or emotion from person to person or group to group through suggestion, propaganda, rumor, or imitation.

What this means is that some of our youth are smart visioneers- of a future where they have loads of money and influence, (this is an entirely different conversation) but do not possess the necessary skills to execute their way into that future or even understand how to think through the plans to make that money and they are suffering from depression or some sort of mental disorder made worse by the feel good drugs they feel the need to take to bolster their confidence.

Now this may seem like a generalisation (it actually is) seeing as I’m just one person and the number of twenty somethings i’ve engaged with isn’t more than 20, but I invite you to think about the ones you know. I invite you to look back on your state of mind and perceived reality when you were 23 or 24. I invite you to look at the statistics of Nigeria- our population, our working force, employment rate (don’t just twirl the number in your head, do the actual calculation, see the number of humans) unemployed youths as against employed ‘youths’, our minimum wage. Does it really still seem like a generalisation?

When I look at these 23/24 year olds, I see people who desperately want to learn and be better (not like they will say it cos they have to seem cool). All we have to do is create as many opportunities as there can possibly for them to learn, earn and be their own people.

Easier said than done though… And now there’s #covid to think about…


Multi potentialite | Talent hacker | Curious about rapidly scaling talent development for a Digital world

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Chinwe Nnadi

Multi potentialite | Talent hacker | Curious about rapidly scaling talent development for a Digital world